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Student painters painting customers houses

Our Services


You have made a decision to trust in Student Painters and our work. You have decided to spend your hard earned money with us and for that we sincerely thank you, and we promise not to let you down. We will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied that we have done everything stipulated in your contract to perfection.


When we finish a job before we leave, all of our painters put down their tools and diligently look over all of the work we have done and fix anything that may have been missed. If that isn’t enough to make you comfortable, this is not where our commitment ends. Before we ask for your final payment you will take a walk around the home with your branch manager. Anything that is not done correctly will be fixed before we ask for payment.

Painted house done by Student Painters


A new coat of paint will not only increase the aesthetics, it will also increase the physical durability of your home. Uncoated surfaces are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. At Student Painters, quality comes first, as is evident in our guarantee. All of our painting is applied using brushes and rollers unless otherwise specified.

Porch stained by student painters


We do top quality staining on wood siding, porches, rails, decks and other wooden home fixtures. We use top quality Sherwin Williams stains and go through a top quality preparation process to ensure a high level of satisfaction.

Playset painted by Student Painters
Fences, Decks, Playsets, etc.


We are here to satisfy ALL of your exterior painting needs. This includes jobs not just on your house, but for other structures such as fences, decks, barns, sheds, etc. You name it, we paint it!

The Painting Process

Student painters power washing the exterior of customer's home
Power Washing


Power washing aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood siding removes grit that grinds away the surface like sandpaper when it’s agitated by wind or rain. Having a clean surface allows paint to adhere properly, adding length to the life of your paint job. We use a “top down” method. By beginning at the top of the surface being painted you can be sure that the surface is completely clean before we do any more work.

Student painters preparing house to be painted by scraping old paint


While the process of scraping the painting area is most important on a wooden surface, it is often necessary on other surfaces as well. Scraping allows us to remove anything that pressure washing may miss like cracking or peeling paint.


After the house has been prepared, student painters begin painting customers home
Once prep work has been completed, we then begin painting. All of our painting is applied using brushes and rollers unless otherwise specified.
Upon completion, managers will have a final inspection of the work with the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction of the work completed.

Now serving areas of Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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