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Pennsylvania Testimonials

Pennsylvania Testimonials

William and Thelma Smith

“We would like the take this opportunity to comment on the work of Kevin Froggatt who was the Manager of a Student Painter project at our home. After we contacted Kevin he was extremely quick to visit us and have the project explained to him. It was a small project to paint our garage doors, front and back doors including the trim. He came the next day with our estimate and a tentative date to complete the work. We gave him our deposit. He showed up, on the date agreed to, with his crew and all the necessary equipment.


They worked all day and we were very satisfied with the job. Without being asked Kevin retuned alone the next day and went over the trim again and touched up what he thought needed to be done. We were even happier with the job after his personal attention. We would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants a committed worker and very pleasant concerned young man as a painter, or any other employment he undertakes.”

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Patterson

"This is a good program for your college students and for the persons who are recieving their services as well. At a time when finances for obtaining a quality education is steadily rising, it’s good to see young men and women joining hands with their parents or those persons supporting them helping them to provide finances for their own education.


The young people who came to do the work on our home were courteous, disciplined and also made sure that my husband and I both understood our contract (agreement), the time that it would take to complete the work and our satisfaction with the services rendered. We have already told the young men that we would be letting our friends and family know of their services."

Nancy Stotler

"In May this year, Zane Paolini and his crew of Student Painters arrived to power wash, scrape, and paint my white, aluminum-sided Victorian house. I was truly amazed, and very pleased with their diligence, expertise, and professionalism as they labored under the handicap of extreme weather fluctuations.

Zane Paolini was a true “master” of the art of management as he kept their morale upbeat and my nerves calm through the process of getting the job completed in 3 days of rain and sun. He is very skilled in handling all aspects of management, to include getting the most of those under his watchful eye and public relations.


The crew who worked with (and for) Zane were beyond reproach. Polite, respectful, hardworking…I could find absolutely no fault in any one of them. In fact, if they all managed to band together and form their own business in any area of public service, I am sure they would be eminently successful.

I have extolled the Student Painters abilities, and their very reasonable rates to several people and kept your sign outside my house for a month, where it definitely advertised the skills of your workers.


Congratulations to Student Painters management for establishing and maintaining a much-needed service for hardworking students and the public they serve."

Lynsey Boyle

"I would just like to say how extremely pleased I am with the painting job that Student Painters did. the manager was very easy to work with, did not overcharge, and the job was completed in 2 days! I have already recommended Student Painters to friends and will continue to do so."


Mary Thimons

"The Student Painters crew did a wonderful job painting the exterior trim of our home. We are very happy with the job. It looks wonderful! The painters cleaned up nicely afterward, too! All of the boys were extremely polite and hardworking! I would not hesitate to call Student Painters for future painting jobs."


Dr. Jonathan E. Fennell

"I would like to commend the workers and coordinator for the wonderful job they did when painting the exterior of my home. It came out most beautiful. First, Brandon MacGregor was an excellent salesman. He showed me pictures of previous jobs, supplied references and discussed alternatives. He related the products used and their reputation. Also, he brought a paint wheel that made it possible for me to select a few colors to sample. He later brought samples and applied them to hidden surfaces to compare the colors. I was able to make my choice and it was definitely the right one. The house looks beautiful. Brandon made frequent stops while the work was going on to monitor the progress and quality. I can't speak highly enough of him.


Meanwhile, the workers performed diligently and kept things moving. In spite of a few downpours the work was finished in an appropriate amount of time. The workers took time to ensure that any drips or spills were cleaned up, although there were few. Some of the work was a little hazardous because of my steel roof, but I was assured that appropriate precautions would be taken to follow OSHA guidelines for safety. I was very relieved that no one sustained any injuries on the job.


In summary, I would highly recommend your organization to do future work at other locations and I would use them again if my need should arise. Kudos to everyone involved. My neighbors assured me that I can stay here at least another 5 years. Thanks Brandon and team -- your price fit my budget, your quality was superb and the personalities of your team were friendly and congenial."

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