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Student Painters crew after finishing a quality job on a customer's exterior


STUDENT PAINTERS, originating in Ontario, Canada, made its way to the United States in 1987 with one mission: to give a new and unique professional experience for college students. Our focus lies with ensuring high-quality painting services to customers through the means of training and developing college students into young entrepreneurs.

We develop students into business professionals and in the process, prepare students not only for the fast-changing environment of life after college but for exciting career paths within our company as well. Our company is uniquely set up to train students to make decisions, handle change and deal with pressing issues in a real-world business environment in order to be successful. Backed by years of success, Student Painters is all about immersing our students in our winning culture and creating successful entrepreneurs.



We believe in providing endless opportunities, training, and support to our managers. We pride ourselves on influencing lives while maintaining a high level of expectations from our employees. Our employees are held to certain standards including job quality, customer service, and management.


Quality is a top priority at Student Painters. We ensure all our managers are properly trained and educated to be able to provide the highest level of quality when working on a homestead. By using all Sherwin Williams products, our company is able to provide a top-level exterior painting job with the best materials. Our managers are detailed yet efficient when completing a job. We are here to satisfy all of your painting needs!


Providing excellent customer service is a main focus for us. Our goal is to ensure full satisfaction with each of our customers. It is important for us to provide quality and create a positive experience between the customer and the manager at all times. 




Management is a key aspect of being a branch manager at Student Painters. Our managers are taught how to effectively employ a team of painters to ensure this high level of customer service and quality. As a customer, you can expect sophisticated communication from start to finish when working with Student Painters.

We are an EXTERIOR painting company that provides a number of outdoor home needs. Please visit Services to see what we can do for you!


We have full liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority for us.

Student Painters ensures top quality by using all Sherwin Williams materials. Our managers are fully trained on these products to make sure the right choice is being made for all of our customers' needs. Our painters are also provided a mentor who coaches them on how to operate the business to ensure high quality results. 

Our company is located in 9 different states, see if there is a Student Painters manager in a town near you! Check out our Contact Us page.

We ask for a 20% deposit to reserve the job and homeowners do not pay the rest of the balance until a walk-around is completed with the manager and the customer is fully satisfied. 

Are YOU ready to take the next step in your professional career and become an entrepreneur?

If so, visit our Young Entrepreneurs Across America website to find out more about our manager program.  Click here to apply today!

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