There is nothing more important on a students resume than the experience bullet points. Becoming a part of this internship with Student Painters truly made me understand why employers look for past experience first. Between selling work, producing it, and everything in between I have learned more through this company than I will ever learn in the classroom. The company gives you the opportunity to feel what an entrepreneur is like. A true test for someone is seeing if they will be ready for the real world after graduation. There is no better way to test this than running your own business.  I am happy to say that YEAA and Student Painters have made this past summer one impossible to forget. Within just under four months I produced over 70 jobs and employed over 20 students. I’m only 19 years old! There’s no comparison with other internships in the amount of valuable experience I have gained from that. Communication, good time management, and organization were repetitively practiced throughout my summer and made me realize how important they are on a regular basis with any company. Running a business is no doubt a risk and at times very stressful. But, once the summer is over and an updated copy of a resume is done, every second is worth it.

Spenser Suski
Granger, IN

My first year with Student Painters has been far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.  The experience gained through this internship is unlike anything that a college course or previous job has taught me.  Having the opportunity to run my own business and learn valuable skills in marketing, management, and communication is well worth the hard work to be successful.  My decision to join Student Painters and run a business has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.  If you want to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time, then I recommend Student Painters to any college student.

Justin Cook
Elkhart, IN

My summer with Student Painters started after my general manager came to my school. He gave a great presentation that caught my interest. After a great interview I was given the opportunity to get started with Student Painters. After training immediately worked to grow cliental. I successfully worked my tail off and met the requirements to open my business. It was a huge learning experience over the summer. It had ups and downs, but I gained a ton of experience. I gained knowledge in sales, management of a crew, planning and scheduling to get production done. There were also so many little things that I learned about dealing with people and myself. This internship was a challenge, but it does give a unique and rewarding experience.

Ryan Bukowiecki
Carbondale, IL

My first summer with Student Painters has been a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Now that I think about it, experience is a very good word to describe the Student Painters summer internship. You meet a lot of very interesting people, very nice people, and some not so nice people, but for the most part managers walk away with the ability to talk to clients, and provide the best customer service that is possible. I feel that this is what I have taken away from Student Painters because it will help me in my future career decisions.

I learned how hard it is balance everything that comes with running a small business, and fortunately it worked out pretty well for me. Things went wrong as they always will at times, but in the end I learned how to adapt and adjust to any situation that was thrown at me. If anything Student Painters helped me explore my own abilities and take opportunities that I would not have had the chance to take if not for Student Painters.

Grant Kueker
Edwardsville, IL

As a freshman, chemical engineering student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I could have never foreseen the opportunity awaiting me this summer. I was given the opportunity and the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur running my own business. With this opportunity, I was able to gain experience hiring and firing employees as well as training and managing them, marketing a region for a specific service by finding target areas and effective marketing techniques, conducting a sales presentation with over one hundred customers, complying with government regulations, and producing over $65,000 worth of work in 3 months in addition to profiting almost $10,000. This internship with Young Entrepreneurs taught me many more valuable lessons about business and working with people. It was an invaluable experience and I would not trade it for anything.

Paul McCaughey
St. Louis, MO

When I heard about the opportunity to run my own business as an internship instead of a boring accounting or marketing internship, I jumped right on it.  I’ve always wanted to run my own business and given the opportunity I made it my own.  Through Young Entrepreneurs Across America I gained the knowledge to effectively market, sell work, and produce the work that was sold.  When I started the summer I was anxious that I would not be able to fill my entire with work as I only sold about 2 weeks of work in the 3 months of marketing.  With smart marketing and determination I quickly filled the next two months by the end of the May.  After finishing a summer of this internship I can confidently go on into life and do anything I put my mind to.

Nate Betz
Lincoln, NE

Thus far this season I have learned so much about myself and my abilities that I never could of acted on in a classroom. This internship truly gives you an opportunity to test yourself in a variety of ways from being a leader and hiring marketers and painters to being a business professional.  The most rewarding part about this job isn’t the great money you will earn, but the thanks you get when you get done painting a home and realize that their large investment in you paid off and that they are truly appreciative of your hard work. The training this company gives you sets you up for success. Wanting to be an entrepreneur myself in the future made it a no brainer to try this out. This job isn’t hard but does require hard work to be successful like any other business. The support system from the company is amazing, I really like everyone I have met and worked with inside the company starting from the President all the way down to other branch managers as well as the people at Sherwin Williams. Before this I was really worried about life after school and finding a job yet one that I like. I have already received a few job offers this summer and am now not worried at all about finding a job because I know what my abilities are and how far I can push myself thanks to Student Painters. I highly recommend anyone whose up for a rewarding challenge to take this on.

Aaron Lewandowski
Sylvania, OH

Many of my friends have interviewed for internships to learn things like management, sales, customer service and accounting. My internship involved all of the above. The Student Painters experience has taught me invaluable lessons in both my personal and professional life. While this is an incredibly fulfilling experience, it is not for everybody; hard work and discipline are required from day one. After selling and producing over $60,000 in revenue over a summer while earning over $10,000, Student Painters looks great on my resume. If you are willing to prove yourself in the real world while gaining valuable experience, Student Painters is the right internship for you.

Joe Osterfeld
Medina, OH

My name is Simon Fraser, and I’ve just succeeded in my first summer as an entrepreneur. At the end of the summer, my business generated a revenue of over $60,000, while profiting over $12,000. One year ago, I never would have pictured myself having accomplished a feat like this. At only 19 years old, I can confidently say that not only my resume, but my newly fine-tuned skill set can set me apart from most college students. This summer gave me a broad range of real world experience which can be applied to almost any situation in life. Taking on this internship showed me how hard I can push myself, gave me leadership skills and so much more. To any motivated, hard-working and driven person, I HIGHLY recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeing what you’re capable of; you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Simon Fraser
Hillard, OH

My name is Chad Moyer and this summer as an 18 year old, I never imagined how much I would learn in one summer. As a first year manager, I ran over an $94,000 dollar business and profited over $18,000 in the process. Not many college students can say that they made 10K in one summer! I can honestly say that I am a real world entrepreneur and have succeeded. The great thing about Student Painters is you get exactly what you work for. The real reason I chose Student Painters was because it was a challenge I wanted to overcome. I learned more in the short 3-4 months about myself and about running a business than I ever could in a classroom. Handling all of my own marketing, sales and production is something that I utilize from this internship forever; it has given me the confidence to know that I will be successful in the future as a businessperson and a leader. In the process, simply because of the culture of the company I’ve made many new friends and had a great time doing it. I am confident in saying that many of them will be a big success in the future in anything they do. Student Painters really creates an environment to succeed. Choose Student Painters and you will have the most unique internship experience you could find and you can profit immensely from it in all senses of the word.

Chad Moyer
Macomb, MI


Until I began my journey with Student Painters, I did not have much to show for on my resume. With the help and support of everyone in the company, I was successfully able to run a $110,000 business while profiting $18,000. The managing, marketing, sales, and organizational skills I learned through student painters have literally proven invaluable in all facets of my life. Rarely are other college kids prepared for business in such a way that student painters prepared me throughout only my first summer running my own business. From dealing with customers, to handling worker complaints, hiring workers, firing workers, selling jobs, to making business calls, student painters provided me with all the skills and support to be successful both with the company and beyond. I can honestly say that deciding to join the student painter’s family was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Brooks Allwardt
Kalamazoo, MI


I just finished running my own painting business for the summer under Student Painters, and it taught me a lot.  I grew in my ability to sell, lead, recruit, market, manage, oversee production, be accountable, and solve problems.  Student Painters also helped me gain confidence in my own abilities, especially my leadership and problem-solving skills.  There were so many challenges this summer that came with running a business; however, my executives were always willing to give advice, and as time passed I learned to tackle each obstacle as it came.  This summer I operated a $75,000 business without ever having painted before, and I profited around $15,000.  I would definitely recommend Student Painters to anyone interested in leadership, business, or simply developing their own talents.  It is a challenging, fun way to grow and gain valuable experience.

Jonathan Hasper
Grand Rapids, MI

Student Painters gave me an amazing opportunity to run my own business. I have grown as a leader and a businessman, and I guarantee there is no better real world experience than actually going out of your comfort zone and proving that you have what it takes to run a painting business with little to no painting experience. While my friends sat around this summer (I can’t complain too much, because many of them painted for me when I was in a jam), I ran a $63,000 business and profited over $13,000 as a 19 year old full time college student. It was the most challenging (and sometimes stressful) summer of my life, and I ran into about every situation imaginable. As I’m sitting here now, I still haven’t encountered a problem I haven’t been able to solve. The best part of this job is that you have complete control of your business. The only limiting factor to how big your business can be is how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to the job. Student Painters provides excellent training and plenty of tools to guarantee success, if you are willing to fully commit to accomplishing your own goals.

Steve Riley
Midland, MI

In the 8 month span from being hired to shutting down my business with Student Painters, I learned more than my entire time in college. The people skills you will develop cannot be found in a textbook or noted down from a professor’s lecture because it’s the real deal.  I have learned many things with Student Painters in sales, marketing, and management, but most importantly, I learned to be comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone and learned that running a business, like anything, is not difficult with lots of practice.  No one gets the opportunity to open a business and have a “practice run” except interns with YEAA  There’s no doubt about it that this is one of the hardest internships you can get involved in and only the extremely determined will succeed because it requires effort without immediate rewards.  It takes the kind of person who can say no to a frat party to go market his or her business instead.  I would recommend it for anyone in the business school at your University or College, but anyone can be great at it if you work smart.  I sold $50,000 worth of contracts before I had ever put a paint brush to a house and that proves that anyone can do it if you have the right mind-set.  Experience and resume building is always great, but what I got the most out of Student Painters is the people I meet, the stories I can tell, and the amazing feeling of being able to say “I ran a business successfully from scratch”.

AJ Rodriguez
Greensboro, NC

My experience with Young Entrepreneurs this summer has changed my life.  I have truly learned what hard work is and have developed skills in management, marketing, and sales. Starting my own painting business was an amazing challenge. On Day 1, I thought running a successful business would be nearly impossible at my age and with my lack of experience. Now at the end of summer I have a $78,000 business to be proud of! Working with Student Painters forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and take on challenges such as dealing with customers and leading employees – experiences that you NEED to experience as a business student! I’d recommend this internship to anyone who wants to build their resume, earn some cash, and have a great experience to talk about for the rest of their lives. I can honestly say that I learned more from my internship with Student Painters than I did in my entire freshman year of college. Learning how to effectively manage a team of 9 painters was definitely the most enjoyable part of my summer. Being in charge of who works for you and whether they get hired, deserve a raise, or need to be fired, is completely up to you. I no longer fear finding a job after college. Instead I look forward to talking about my summer with Student Painters in any interview, and finding the exact job I want.

Kendall Wernet
Asheville, NC

Student Painters gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to run a successful and profitable business, all they ask of you is to put in the time and effort. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t change my experience at all. There are definitely many obstacles you will be faced with on your journey, but if I never faced them head on and with the confidence that Student Painters instilled in me then I would never learn. That is why I would recommend this program to others; you aren’t just reading in a library about how to run a business, but rather getting out there and really learning by hands on experience. This internship is also a huge resume booster. Who wouldn’t want a guy that ran a $70,000+ business as a 19 year old and faced real world challenges on their team to work for them?  The management is such an awesome and personally my favorite part about the whole experience. You are the boss. This side of the business is one that you can really reflect on and see how far you’ve come since the day you opened your business to the last day of production. To really look back at how far you’ve come as a leader and have something to be proud of. At the end of it all Student Painters has changed my life in so many positive ways and opened up so many doors for my future I can’t thank them enough and I urge anybody that has any interest to step out of there comfort zone a little bit, put in the effort and reap in the rewards. “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

Patrick Gardiner
Myrtle Beach, SC


YEAA is an amazing internship organization that provided me with an unparalleled experience. The opportunity to be in the YEAA internship program and have the ability to work for Student Painters has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. It allowed me to do something I have always wanted to do, run my own business. This internship presented me with many challenges that required me to really understand what it takes to run a business. The experience was very unique and I learned so much it is unbelievable. There is truly no way to learn on this level in a classroom environment. The knowledge, connections, and networks I was able to gain through YEAA and Student Painters is invaluable. The amount I learned and grew from my involvement with this organization has really set me far above my peers. I will never forget this amazing opportunity.

Hunter Freeman
Clemson/Anderson, SC




This summer working with Student Painters has been the most challenging and rewarding summer that I’ve ever had.  With their help, I was able to run over a $100,000 business and achieve the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year”. This internship taught me things that I will never be able to learn in the classroom. I had great mentors (Joel Puthoff & James Roper) and they pushed me to be the best that I could be while also creating a company culture second to none. They made the experience very fun, and I got to meet a lot of cool people that were experiencing the same things that I was. At the end of the summer, we were all able to look back at how far we had come and appreciate all of the hard work that we put in. I took away many amazing memories from this summer and I can honestly say that I learned and accomplished things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.


Chandler Bolt
Charleston, SC

Looking back on my rookie year as a branch manager for Student Painters I can’t believe how much I learned throughout the summer, not just about business, but about my own determination and work ethic.  I cannot think of any other summer job which challenges college students as much as I was challenged throughout the summer.  That being said, running a successful business in about 3 months was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I have become more confident, organized, and more mature as a result of the adversity I faced throughout the summer.  There were nights throughout the summer where the responsibility of running my own business and providing work for 5 other college students seemed overwhelming, but I learned to use this stress as motivation and marketed any chance I had, even ten or eleven o’clock at night.  While this internship is a lot of hard work, I am confident that the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout the process of being an entrepreneur will allow me an advantage in any career path I may choose in the future.  My experience with Student Painters has been more rewarding both personally and financially than I could have ever imagined and I would highly recommend the program to anyone that is interested in getting a head start in their future career.

Jordan Dunning
Upstate, SC


Last fall I was starting fresh as a transfer student at High Point University, and I was looking for opportunities to grow as a business student. It was early in the year, but I had already started looking for summer internships. I came across Student Painters, and was instantly hooked. After training in the spring I spent my free time marketing my business and making sales. When the summer started production began, and it was the greatest learning experience I have ever gone through. Overall I ran a $42,000 business, and I still am proud to tell people about it today. When I am able to sit with future employers and tell them about all the experience and skill I gained from Student Painters, it will make what I did that much more satisfying. Not only did I learn about every aspect of running a business, but I experienced every aspect first hand. I’d like to say thank you to Joel Puthoff and the entire Student Painters team, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Charlie Apter
Carey, NC

I never thought I would be able to say at the end of the 2012 summer, I ran a successful business. At the beginning of this year I was just an average college student with and average college job. Then I saw a Y.E.A.A. flier one morning during class and attended a seminar that was looking for college students with serious ambition and motivation. I attended the seminar and from that point on I was no longer an average college student, but instead starting my journey as an entrepreneur. In the past six months I went from being a closer in a grocery store at minimum wage to running my own business and profiting over $1,600 dollars within my first two weeks of production as a branch manager. Instead of being told what to do, I could be my own boss. I was responsible for a business that produced over $37,000 dollars of work in a single summer and profited around $7,000. While some of my other college friends were sleeping in on their weekends, I was traveling to complete payrolls, marketing, and completing interviews with potential employees. Not only has this been an amazing experience for the summer of 2012, but this is something that will benefit my future in so many ways as well. Student Painters has been an amazing experience and journey for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with Joel Puthoff and the rest of the Y.E.A.A. team. Thank you guys for everything that you have taught me and all the experiences that I have gained from Student Painters.

Joe Grady
Asheville, NC


While my first thought of working for Student Painters was un easy, this experience has turned out to be a tremendously rewarding and educational experiences for me thus far. I have learned how to manage a crew of my peers, created a marketing strategy, and organized and executed a business with over $100,000 in sales. Student Painters has given me an opportunity which no one else compares to. This is real world experience to create a business and truly see how successful you can be. While it requires dedication and hard work, it is also extremely rewarding.

David Ploesser
Kirkwood, MO

Joining Student Painters 2 years ago has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have learned far more about the business world than I ever would in a classroom. Being a Branch Manager was an unbelievable experience that taught me the aspects of starting a business from scratch. From developing a marketing plan, hiring/firing employees, selling jobs, and most importantly overseeing the everyday operations of a business, I have a great understanding of how a business is run and am far ahead of my peers in experience.

This past year I oversaw $175,000 worth of business. Not many juniors in college can say they did that. Aside from numbers, the experience gained this year was even far more tremendous. Knowing how to run a business already let me gain more experience in other fields such as recruiting interns, training them, conducting interviews, and overseeing their businesses. Getting into a middle management position as a junior in college is a great thing to have on a resume. Hard work definitely pays off and that is one thing I have gained from Student Painters. Joining Student Painters has been a rewarding experience that will definitely pay off in even greater dividends down the road.

Chris Moore
Collinsville, IL

My name is Alex Dalpiaz and I am a junior at Clemson University. I have just completed my second year with Student Painters as a Regional Manager. Two years ago I was hired as a Branch Manager where I oversaw a $55,000 business as an 18 year old college student. This summer as a 19 year old Regional Manager, I not only oversaw my own personal business of $74,000, but I also managed 2 Branch Managers as well. Over the past two years, I have overseen over $190,000 worth of business. I am grateful of my opportunity to manage and mentor my two managers and help them in their career success. My past two summers at Student Painters have been ones that have rewritten the course of my life. I have gained more experience than I could have ever expected. Being a manager with Student Painters has taught me 100% accountability for my success. I was responsible for the marketing, sales, production, and customer satisfaction of my entire business. I personally hired all my employees; I marketed, estimated, sold and produced a $74,000 business. The experience I have gained is much more than any of my friends could have ever imagined receiving. The things I have learned and know now are unparallel to what any other person at my age has. Not only have I gained real world experience, but the financial success I have benefited from is untouchable to any job out there. Student Painters has set me up to be successful in whatever job I choose. There is no doubt that this internship makes me the most qualified person at whatever career path I choose. Not only have I grown in the business world, but Student Painters has also grown me as a person as well. Student Painters has been the best thing I could have ever done for my career future.

Alex Dalpiaz
Easley/Peidmont, SC

Being a Branch Manager with Student Painters allowed me to run my own business and understand the basic elements that go into being an entrepreneur. There is nothing better than seeing the step-by step process of a business taking place right in front of your eyes and knowing you have personally engineered every component of it. The training and support that I have received in this internship fully prepared me to reach my goals with the company. What other internship can offer a young, talented college student the opportunity to create and manage a successful business while backing them with world class support and service? There is not another internship like this.

Phil Stodola
Oak Creek, WI

I decided to get an internship with Student Painters not just because it sounded fun, but because of the learning experience that I know I would get from it. Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine and furthering myself in that dream, I felt Student Painters was right for me. My experience through Student Painters has been a very big learning experience. Going from the informational meeting to where I am now was a large leap. When I first started, I didn’t know how far I’d go or how big of a business I would run. As I got further and further into the pre-season and my marketing paid off, I finally realized that as a soon to be junior in college, it is possible to run your own business. Sure I had my ups and downs with everything, but all together I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to be a manager and learn some very important business aspects. Having the opportunity to come back next year is another honor. Throughout the summer I always remembered the motto that Charlie said, “Work Hard, Play Harder.” In the end it pays off and if at times you feel like giving up, stick with it and who knows you might just end up on top.

Andrew Minster
Sheboygan Falls, WI

Student Painters has enabled me to accomplish feats that I did not even realize I was capable of conquering. My summer with Student Painters will be one that I can look back on for the rest of my life and feel extremely proud of what I have accomplished in such a small amount of time. The adversity I was faced with throughout the course of the summer is something that has made me more mature, well-rounded, and mentally strong. There were so many times when I second guessed my decision to take on this responsibility but the risk is what has made this such a rewarding experience. I ran over a $50,000 business my first summer and learned more about myself, and the world of business than I did in my 20 years prior to this summer.

J.D. Schmerge
Park Hills, KY

My name is Wayne Titus and I just completed my second summer working for Student Painters. This year as a branch manager, I gained the most valuable business experience I have had thus far as a college student. I was set up extremely well for success, and reaching all of my goals as an entrepreneur was highly rewarding. I worked hard throughout the spring and summer in order to run a $70,000 business, however, with the support I had from the company I was able to greatly exceed that number and run a $128,000 business as a 20 year-old. All of the knowledge I gained this summer in marketing, recruiting, sales, production, management, cost control, etc will boost my confidence level in future interviews and jobs. I would recommend working for this company to any college student who is willing to work hard to achieve great things as a painter, branch manager, or regional manager

Wayne Titus
Canton, MI

My rookie year with Student Painters started and finished in a flash, but now that I have time to look back and reflect, I can tell you it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. During the time I have been with Student Painters, I have sharpened my communication skills, gained valuable experience in sales, made many new networks and friends, and learned some of the ins and outs of my major (Business Management). To throw on top of that, I now have one of the best resume builders possible by being able to say I ran a $50,000 business as a Purdue University sophomore. All of these things could not have been possible to achieve in the classroom but with Student Painters help they are and I thank them for that.

Robbie Stewart
Logansport, IN

My name is Andy Samoray and being a branch Manager for student painters last summer has helped me in so many different ways. I now have to the skills to run my own business, hire and fire employees, and to talk comfortably to potential clients. Working for Student painters will help me with future employment, by having SP on my resume employers see that I have ran my own business and that I am knowledgeable in the business job market. What excites most people in becoming a manager is the potential to earn a lot of money during the summer. I made around 7k last summer. Student painters also gives out a lot of perks to successful managers, I won a skydiving trip and a golf outing. I also got to participate in a triathlon. Working for student painters is a lot of work, but the end product is awesome!

Andrew Samoray
Ann Arbor, MI

Student Painters gave me an opportunity that no other company can give a college age student. Not many college students can say they ran a $60,000+ company. It was an internship that pushed me beyond what I had imagined for this past summer. It allowed me to build my experience with marketing, customer service, management, as well as many other skills. The skills I acquired weren’t easy to learn, but by working closely with my manager, as well as experience in the field, I was able to overcome my initial concerns about the position. My favorite part about this internship was that my manager did truly care about my success; I was guided through every step of the experience, with any questions being answered immediately, without hesitation. I would recommend this internship to any student that is looking to build a resume and also enjoys making money.

Ryan Nuechterlein
Minneapolis, MN

My name is Bryan Nehrkorn and I am currently a branch manager in Peoria, Illinois. I began my journey with Student Painters as a production worker in 2010 and now as a sophomore from Illinois State University, I am overseeing a business with sales in excess of $85,000. To this point, joining Student Painters is probably the best decision that I have ever made. I highly recommend that you take the same leap of faith that I took less than one year ago. It’s an incredible challenge that all entrepreneurial minded students should take on.

Bryan Nehrkorn
Peoria, IL

I was inspired to be a Branch Manager for Student Painters for the opportunity and challenge to manage my own small business. It was also an opportunity for my first real life work experience where the “buck” stopped with me. In this job, I loved that every day was a different challenge, and that I had an opportunity to be creative and a problem solver. Being an entrepreneur is also a great resume builder. I was inspired to meet new people in my community, which was one of the most refreshing experiences of the job. This was also a great chance to make more money than the typical summer job, and would highly recommend Student Painters to other.
Ryan Shepherd
Springboro, OH

My first year as a branch manager has been a great learning experience. In my first year I have learned how to do many things that I will be able to utilize in my career. I feel that managerial experience will simply make me a better employee in the future. I will now feel more comfortable in interviews since I spent a portion of my summer conducting interviews. I am happy that I took on the challenge that student painters provided me with and am looking forward to excelling and becoming even more successful.

Steven Keber
Shelby Twp., MI

My name is Matt Lyon I am a junior at the University of Michigan. I have been with Student Painters for one year and I am looking forward to another successful and exciting year with Student Painters. I ran a $65,000 business my first year and learned how to market, talk to customers, make sales, hire a team, maintain a payroll, and so much more; but most importantly I learned what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. This experience is like nothing else. I have full independence as a branch manager, while having the full expertise and support needed for success from the corporation. This is a rare opportunity to have financial success, business success, and personal satisfaction from delighted homeowners with a job well done on painting their homes. I am studying engineering, and am thrilled that this experience will prepare me for technical sales. I have learned more than is possible in a classroom, and look forward to another great year as a regional manager.

Matt Lyon
Traverse City, MI


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